TxtCustomers for Businesses

Create trust and credibility with your customers when you send them promos and updates

Where You Can Use Mobile SMS Campaigns:

Restaurant and Cafe

  • New Menu
  • Dining Promos
  • Birthday Discounts
  • Event Invites

Retail Store

  • Product Announcements 
  • Sales and Promotions 
  • Notification of Pickup / Delivery

Schools / Student Associations

  • Notification to students of upcoming events
  • Notifications to students on talks and seminars 
  • Special Announcements 
  • Payment Reminders 

Religious Organizations

  • A reminder of Members upcoming events 
  • Member Activities and Invites 
  • Daily Verse / Prayer 

Real Estate Agency

  • Notifications of Property for Sale 
  • Sales Agent Meetings 
  • Open Houses 

Finance / Debt Collection

  • Financial Seminar Announcement 
  • Payment Reminders 
  • Missed Payments 

Medical Professional 

  • Appointment Reminder 
  • Health Events 
  • Special Announcements 

Online Businesses

  • Loyalty Programs
  • Birthday Discounts 
  • New Product Launch 
  • Sales and Promotions 
  • Payment Reminders

We are compatible with all telco networks in the Philippines!



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