Here at TxtCustomers, we offer SMS Marketing Services with simple pricing plans at affordable rates! We give you a full-service Mobile Marketing Plan or if you are on a budget, pay-as-you-go.

SMS Service on-the-go

Register your Business Name as Sender ID for only P10,000 and start your SMS campaign! 


After paying through PayPal, we will register your ID with Telcos. Sender ID should only have 10 alphanumeric characters. We will contact you in 24 hours regarding your Sender ID.

TEXT MESSAGE RATE PER SEND: P2.50 per text. No minimum required. Credits never expire.


Buy your credits below! 1 CREDIT = 1 SMS

(Before buying credits, make sure you have first registered your Brand Name)

1,000 credits for P2,5000





5,000 credits for P10,000 (save P2,500!)





Credits will never expire! Pay only per use. We recommend that you collect your own mobile numbers to avoid spam. Should you wish to buy mobile numbers, please contact us. 



This is a complete mobile marketing solution for businesses who are very serious with growing their business with Mobile Marketing.

  • Professional Mobile Marketing Plan
  • Branded SMS Campaign
  • Mobile Website to capture leads
  • Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram Integration
  • Email Capture
  • Click to Call feature




We sell mobile numbers for any target market for at least P5 per mobile number. Categories are: Men or Women, with credit cards, Business Owners, etc.. Contact us for a quote.



Have your website optimized for mobile and stop losing customers because your website takes too long to load. We can have your current site optimized for any smartphone! Contact us for a quote.



If you are a business that can offer a FREE WI-FI for your customers, we can help you maximize the use of offering a Free Wi-fi by helping you create a process that will get your customers’ data by liking your Facebook page or simple filling up a form. Contact us for a quote.



If you have SMS needs as a solution for your corporate needs like sending reminders to your employees/ customers, or just centralized communication texts, we can customize rates for you. Contact us for a quote.

For a Full Mobile Marketing Plan on a monthly basis with analysis, strategizing, and integration with your Digital Marketing campaign, please contact us for a FREE Consultation and a detailed quote.




What do you offer?

– We offer a BRANDED SMS where you can send a text with your company name even if you are not in their Contact List. This create more trust, credibility and a good relationship with your customers/ clients.

What is a Branded SMS?

– Instead of sending as an unknown number to recipients, your Sender ID is your Business Name.
– Branded SMS will expire after 6 months on inactivity of our service. (Date of Last SMS sent)
– Branded SMS subscription is good for one year. It should be renewed annually.

Will you provide us a database of random numbers?

– No, we don’t. We will only send SMS to YOUR mobile list – mobile numbers that you have collected in which you are permitted to send messages to. We do not tolerate Random and Spam Text Messages.
– We have a FREE Consultation strategy on how you can collect the mobile numbers of your customer should you want to build your own list. This is very helpful when you want to retain more customers and keep them coming back!

Do you sell mobile numbers?

– Yes, we sell mobile numbers too. Just send us your preferred customer list.

How do you compute SMS spending and ROI?

– For example, you want to send SMS to your 1,000 customers per week. For every 1,000 SMS that we send, you get around 50 new sales. For the 50 sales, you get an average sale of P500 for each customer, meaning P500 x 50 customer = P25,000 in Gross Sales per 50 people that responds from 1,000.

Being conservative at 50 sales at P500 for each customer every week: Let’s do some math, P500 x 50 is P25,000. Let’s do it every week: P25,000 x 4 weeks (assuming you send 1 SMS/wk to 1,000 customers) = That’s P120,000 in Gross sales in 5 weeks!

Do we have a Contract for this SMS service?

– No, we don’t. However, Branded Sender ID is good for 1 year and renewable at P10,000.

What is your method of payment?

– We accept credit cards via PayPal and bank deposits with Security Bank.